With Great Power

Carlos Nouel is making the “new stuff” normal

Episode Summary

National Grid’s VP of transformation programs is working to empower customers with new technologies.

Episode Notes

When smart meters came on the scene, the industry talked about them in transformational ways. And while smart meters have given utilities more insights into the distribution grid through digitization, they haven't transformed grid management, or the customer experience. 

That's why Carlos Nouel decided he needed a new type of meter – one that could recognize every single device in the home. With this level of information, he believed utilities could offer better insights to customers that would save more energy and money. 

Carlos is the Vice President of Transformation Programs at National Grid. Part of his job is educating customers to make better energy choices. The other part of his job is offering them personalized experiences to make it as easy as possible to change their behavior. 

This week, Brad speaks with Carlos about how he makes this a reality at National Grid. How can utilities make cutting-edge technologies just a normal part of operations?

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